Loss/Damage to Hippocampus books

  • Misplaced, damaged or lost books need to be replaced. This will also attract a binding fee of Rs 50/-.
  • If Hippocampus replaces the book for you, the cost of the book at actuals, and a binding and handling fee of Rs 100/- will be charged.

Guest Fee

  • A guest fee of Rs 200/- is applicable for children who are not members of Hippocampus.
  • A guest fee of Rs 100/- is applicable for siblings of members but who are themselves not members.

Re-activation Fee

  • To re-activate a membership that has not been renewed for over a year there will be a re-registration fee of Rs 500/-
  • Re-activation of cancelled memberships will attract a re-registration fee of Rs 500/-.

Freezing Memberships

  • Members are allowed to freeze their account for a minimum of a month and a maximum of 2 months. No other customization is possible.


  • If a cancellation happens during a valid membership 30% of the refundable amount will be retained as servicing charges.
  • Refunds will be made only by cheques. Kindly ensure that you give us sufficient notice at the time of cancellation.
  • If refund cheques are not collected/deposited on time and the cheque has to be re-issued, there will be a deduction of Rs 50/-. each time. No more than 2 cheques re-issues will be done.


  • No fines are charged for late return of books as long as the membership is valid.
  • Delayed return of books once the membership has expired will attract a fine of Rs 20/- per month per book.