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What is the Hippocampus Home Library?

The Hippocampus Home Library is a convenient way to access an exciting collection of children's books. Become a member and borrow from over 15,000 titles and get them delivered to your home. Since 2003, Hippocampus ( has been working towards promoting the reading habit in children. The experience centres currently boast of more than 3500 members across Bangalore and Chennai. Parents staying a distance away from the Hippocampus centres have been requesting us to make books available to children in their localities. The Hippocampus Home Library is an endeavour from Hippocampus to reach out to a larger number of children in the city.

Why should my child read?

Take this important step in instilling the love for reading in your child. Reading is fundamental to learning. All aspects of a child's education are based on the child's ability to read and decipher information. Being read to or reading on their own helps the child improve vocabulary, develop a keener imagination and appreciating for the world around them, and build a love for knowledge. Books are very important in getting your child hooked onto language and learning for life.

How early can my child become a reader?

The earlier a child is introduced into the world of books, the better as concepts are easily grasped. Introduce them to the wonders of 'touch and feel', scratch 'n' sniff', pop-up books and many more. The Hippocampus library boasts of close to 800 books for children in the age group of 0-3 years.

Do children damage books easily?

For a toddler a book can be seen as just another plaything, unless the parent otherwise specifies. Until such time that the child is responsible, all books should be handled under adult supervision. Hippocampus has experienced a very small percentage in books that get damaged annually.

What kind of books are available in Hippocampus?

We have more than 15,000 titles for children ranging over 45 subjects, 11 age categories and 7 languages. Our collection is undisputedly one of the largest in the country. give some examples of how vast our collection is.

How often do you update your collection?

We update our collection on a monthly basis and add more than 1500 books to our collection every year.

How do you decide what books to buy?

Our centre in Koramangala, for instance has around 4000 books in circulation at any given time and more than 2Lakh books are in circulation through the year. This gives us great insight into what is popular with books.

We are on a constant lookout for new books, authors, illustrators and publishers. We add to our collection every month and read most of the books that are released. We also encourage children and parent to recommend books and authors. We have books handpicked from all over the world for instance books on Greek Mythology from Greece, an edition of Pinocchio from Italy, Uncle Peters amazing Chinese Wedding from China, African Myths and Legends from Kenya.

Can I have books delivered to me anywhere?

Yes! However right now home delivery is available only in the two cities where our centres are located – Bangalore and Chennai.

What if I move between these 2 cities?

You could have your membership transferred between the 2 centres.

Can I suspend my membership?

In case of non-usage of membership facility you could request for a suspension in the membership till such time that you want to resume the same.

How does the home library benefit my child?

We want to help you build the reading habit in your child. To build a reading habit, it is important for a child to read books regularly. Our program works towards giving you access to a range of books without having to buy them, just fill up your dream list and we then deliver the books to your doorstep .It is like subscribing to a magazine which comes to your home every month.

Which membership option is right for me?

Choosing the right package would depend on the age of the child and their reading level. Younger children go through books faster as they are read to them by adults. Children starting to read may take longer to finish a book, and older children who are voracious and fast readers might like more options and number of books. So choose your package accordingly. If unsure you could always start with one package and upgrade to more books at a later stage. During holidays, you might want to opt for packages to borrow more books. If you have 2 children, we recommend 2 different packages. The primary reason being that it helps you track each child's reading habit separately. We have a 20% sibling discount that helps reduce the costs.

How often are books delivered?

The delivery of books will take place once a month. So if your child is a fast reader, make sure you take a package that allows borrowing of the required number of books. If you find that you require an extra delivery that month, you could get the same at an additional cost of Rs 75/-. Only one extra delivery will be made in a month.

Which day will the books be delivered to me?

The date of delivery will be according to that area you reside in. Once you sign up, the centre managers shall contact you with your route information.

How do I become a member?

You can either visit our centers at Bengaluru or Chennai to sign up or you can log onto and register online.

At the centre, you could browse through our library, choose your membership option, sign up and collect your welcome kit. You will then receive a mail with login details.

With an online registration, you will receive a mail with login details. We will pick up the registration fee and drop off the welcome kit when we deliver the first set of books.

How does the Hippocampus Home Library work?

Once you log in, begin the exploration

Browse through the catalogue at your leisure, you will find books are categorized by age, subject and language. You can search for specific titles/authors/series and more.

Take advantage of our handpicked selection of Booklists. If you have difficulty choosing books for your child, meet the Hippocampus Book Council and they will guide you to pick the right books.

Select the books you wish to read and add that to a 'Dream List'.

You have the option of adding books to a 'Reservation List'. These books will be highest in priority in the delivery list as we believe these are your 'must reads'.

Your Membership Package determines the number of books that will be chosen from your Dream List/Reservation List and delivered to your doorstep every month.

The route is fixed for pick-up/drop once a month. You can request for one extra delivery per month at an additional cost.

You can also view transaction history, send feedback, and receive updates on events and activities at Hippocampus.

What is the Dream List?

Dream List is a list of books that you wish to read. You can update your Dream List with a maximum of 200 books that your child wishes to read and prioritise them as High, Medium or Low. We will deliver the books based on the priority set by you. It's as easy as that and you can even do it just once a year.

Why is the dream list important?

Once you populate your Dream List, we can pick the books that are available and have it sent to you ensuring that you always get a book you want to read and regularly. We are not an on demand service but a service where we encourage kids to read books regularly. The library books are constantly in and out of the library, so the status of the books keep changing. If the Dream List is not updated regularly it becomes difficult for us to pick the books you need. To make it easier, you could even add up to 200 books to your Dream List at one go to ensure a smooth delivery.

How can I create my Dream List?

Dream List is an easy-to-create list that can be modified as often as you like. But if you're busy schedules don't allow frequent browsing, all you need to do to ensure a regular delivery of books is to fill your Dream List once.

There are many ways to do this. You can choose from either or a combination of all these for a great library experience!

How does the ranking of books in my Dream List work?

After adding the books to the Dream List, you are allowed to prioritize the books. The rating is determined by two factors: who adds it and how it is added. When Hippocampus adds books for you based on your interests, the books are automatically rated as "Low". When you add entire lists that you are interested in, those books are automatically rated as "Medium". When you add an individual book, it is automatically rated as "High".

But don't worry! You can always change the individual rating of books based on your actual preferences for what you want to receive first.

  • Browse the collection and make your selection:
  • There are two ways to browse the catalogue online. You can start with Age and narrow down your choice by Subject. Alternately, you can start by Subject of choice and narrow your search to match the age group. There is a comprehensive list of age groups and subjects to make it easy for you. Every time you come across a book you like, select the option to add it to your dream list.
  • Booklists:
  • We spend many hours reading the books in our collection. We add new books every month and read them too. And ever so often we come across some fantastic books and authors. All of these make their way to our recommended lists, which now includes award winners, debutant writers and timeless classics. These lists cover a range of subjects, ideas, genres and cultures and are a great place to start. They are also perfect if you are looking at a reading challenge for yourself.
  • Come to the library and browse the collection:
  • We understand that looking, touching and holding a book is not an experience you can fully replicate online. So, if you want to see the books and then decide what you'd like to have in your dream list, do visit our centre. You can list down the accession numbers of the selected books and enter it into your dream list.
So, what are you waiting for? Fill it, shut it and wait for the books to arrive at your door!

How does reservation work?

Books that you reserve come highest in your reading list, so that tops the delivery list. Books on shelf cannot be added to your reservation list. Only books that have been issued to another member can be added to the Reservation List. When you pick a book and click on "Add to reservation List", the book will be added if it has been issued to someone else. If it is on shelf, you will receive a message saying "Online material cannot be reserved". In this case add it to your dream list and mark at 'high' priority. In case the book goes out before your delivery date, move it to the reservation list, you will then ensure that it comes to you the next time.

What do I do if I want a particular book in a hurry?

You might need it for an assignment for your child, call us and we will intimate you of the availability. You can pick it up or we can have it dropped off.

How do I know what are the best books for my child?

This is where you can take the help of 'Book Lists' that you will find when you login, on the right side of the page. These books are a handpicked selection of popular books we think your child must read. You will find 'New Arrivals' for the month listed according to ages. You will also find 'specials', for e.g., books celebrating 'Indian Independence' or the festival 'Diwali', the birth of 'Disney' or just 'Halloween'.

How do I get the newest books in your collection?

Go to 'Booklists', choose from the age appropriate 'New Arrivals' list and add all to your Dream List.

What is the Book Council?

If you are unsure where to begin or if you have a reluctant reader you are trying to encourage, we can help. As a member, you can consult with the Hippocampus Book Council to help you choose books that would interest your child. The Book Council will also help you chart a progressive reading guide, and are available on appointment.

I want to check the previous books that I have received and read earlier. How do I do that?

There is a link called "History" after you login. Just click on that link and you can check the "Past Issued Books" and "Currently Issued Books". Choose the next set of books accordingly.

How are the books that I borrow returned?

When we come to deliver your next selection of books, we pick-up the ones you had before.

What if I'm done reading my books before my next scheduled drop-off?

If you're a fast reader you can upgrade your package to have more books delivered at a time. If you want to request a delivery outside of your normal schedule (additional costs apply), please send an email or call us. For more info check the Contact Us.
For Chennai

How do I renew a book if I have not finished reading it?

Just let us know and we will send you one less book in your next drop off. Simply send us an email to:
For Chennai

What happens when I have more than one child? Can I have multiple accounts

Yes, you can have multiple accounts that will function independently. We recommend this.

Do I get a discount if I hold more than 1 account?

You can avail a discount of 20%, only in case of sibling multiple accounts. No discounts are available if the multiple account holders are not siblings.

How do I cancel my membership?

In case you are an online member, send an email to your city's e mail ID with the child's name and Member ID number. Your refund will be delivered to you at the scheduled book delivery date when we pick up your books. Hippocampus will miss you!

What happens if I lose a book or my child damaged the book?

You will need to replace the book. We will help you with book details, and where you can procure the same from. We would appreciate it if you gave a good try at replacing the book, as we pick up our books in bulk, as and when we come across good collections. Trying to replace 1 title is more difficult for us. If nothing works out at all, you can pay the actual amount of the book at the front desk.

Are there any fines?

No, we believe our members value books.

I have entered my Login ID and password, but I get a message saying "Invalid Login". I don't know the reason. What do I do?

Check whether you have entered your ID correctly. For e.g. if your Login ID is HOO501, make sure you enter it as HOO00501 (the HOO has to be followed with a 5 digit number), or if your Login ID is HCA12, make sure you enter it as HCA00012.

You might have changed your password and forgotten it. If so, click on the "Forgot Password" link and you will get a mail with instructions on your e mail ID registered with us, within 24 hours (what is the response time they can expect).

How do I change my "password"?

After logging into your account, go to "My Account" and click on "Change Password". This link will ask for your old password and for the New Password. Fill in the details and change your password.

How do I edit my Account Details?

Go to "My Account" details and click on the link "Update Account Details". This will direct you to a page for you to update your details. This will send a request to us & your details will get updated.

About Hippocampus

What is Hippocampus?

Hippocampus Experience Centre is a children's library with the vision to "promote reading in children". We have a collection of around 15,000 titles of exclusive children's books sorted in over 45 subject categories and a vast collection of multimedia to compliment it. In these 6 years of its existence Hippocampus has grown beyond being just a library into a library movement.

How long has Hippocampus existed?

Hippocampus began on 16th March, 2003. Since the opening of our Koramangala location we've expanded to a second centre in Shankarapuram, Bangalore and in Nandanam, Chennai.

How many books are available at Hippocampus?

We have a collection of more than 15,000 children's titles in all the three centres. The Koramangala Centre in Bangalore and the Chennai Centre cater to the online library by providing books for children of all age groups in 45 different categories. Each member can choose books according to the membership scheme they are on.

What else does Hippocampus have apart from books?

The centre with its comfortable space, inviting backyard and bean bags facilitates the children to spend several hours reading. The TV room is accessible to all the kids for them to watch a movie or documentary and computers with games available for the kids to play from the collection we have provided.

The centres' collection of multimedia, which includes around 300 DVDs, 300 VCDs, 450 CD-ROMs and 100 Video Cassettes, keeps the TV room and the computers occupied.

Where are the Hippocampus centres located?

The centres are located in Koramangala and Shankarpuram in Bangalore and in Nandanam in Chennai. Go to our contact us page for the address Click here. We would love to have you visit any of our centres!

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