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How it works

- Login, change your password, and start exploring our world of books

- You will find books are categorized by age, subject and language. You can browse through the entire selection or search for specific titles/authors/series and more.

- See any book you want to read? Check the 'Pick Me' box and click on the 'Add to Dream List' button to build a list of books you would like to read.

- You can add up to 200 books to this 'Dream List' - Add books as often as you want or even just once a year - Fill it, shut it and forget it.

- You also have the option to prioritize books as 'high', 'med' or 'low' on your Dream List.
- Your Membership Package determines the number of books that will be chosen from your Dream List and delivered to your doorstep every month.

- You also have the option of blocking a book in a 'Reservation List'. These books will be on highest priority on your delivery list.

- The route is fixed for pick-up/drop once a month. You can request for one extra delivery per month at an additional cost.

- Confused about what books your child should read? Make an appointment with our Book Council. They will guide you to the right books for your child.

- You can also view transaction history, send feedback, and receive updates on events and activities at Hippocampus.

Membership Fee -

Registration Fee - Rs. 500/-
Maximum Number of Books per Delivery Price/month Deposit
3 100 500
5 140 750
10 180 1500
20 240 2000

Extra pick up/drop @ Rs 75/-

(Note: Only one additional delivery allowed per month)

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